Excellent, methodical job

“Harikleia Sirmans did an excellent job compiling the Index for The Encyclopedia of Epic Films (Roman @ Littlefield, 2014). Her work was careful, methodical, and thoroughly professional and it was mentioned in the Acknowledgment section of the book. She has done the indexing also for my pervious book, The Epic Films of David Lean, published in 2011 by Scarecrow Press. I commend her for the high quality of her work.”

— Dr. Constantine Santas, Author (and coauthor) of the above books

Impeccable translation that renders the meaning of the book

“Mrs. Harikleia Sirmans translated my novel, The Agony of Survival, from Greek into English. It was an arduous and demanding work, but she translated it impeccably. She managed to render in English the fine nuances of the meanings of the book, and to create a translation of artistic claim, as a work of art demands. I know that she can translate scholastic works that exhibit the same accuracy and quality. In addition, Mrs. Sirmans is knowledgeable and capable of publicizing works online. I consider her to be a professional suitable in translations, publishing, and other tasks of similar nature.”

— Dr. Spyros Vrettos, Author

Excellency on first assignment

“Last year (2011), I asked Harikleia Sirmans to compile an index for my upcoming book, The Epic films of David Lean (Scarecrow Press, 2011). Though this was her first assignment in that category, she did an excellent and professional job, and, consequently, she received credit for her work in the book’s credits section. I am recommending her very highly for this or other jobs related to editing and indexing or other related to publications.”

— Dr. Constantine Santas, Professor Emeritus, Author

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