Happily ever after?: A review of Married or… merry?

Married or… merry? The International(?) Greek Book of Marriage, or 40+1 Reasons Not to Get Married! by Kate Papas

In Married or …merry? Papas enumerates 41 reasons why readers “should keep marriage at bay,” from being brainwashed by your spouse to being misled by society that all marriages have happy ending like in fairy tales.  According to Papas, “life—with or without softener—is hard,” and marriage carries several disagreeable situations. Therefore, one should not get married or should seek “merry alternatives.”

The author’s intention is not to condemn marriage, but rather to reveal the humoristic side of all  problematic situations in a marriage, to persuade readers not to get married, and to recognize that married life is similar in all countries of the planet. “We are all in the same boat!” she writes. Papas wrote and published her first Greek book about marriage with the purpose to console all married and single people, including her. Then she rewrote the same concept in English and Married or… merry? was born. The fact that she was a married woman, made her suitable and knowledgeable to tell her experiences in marital life, just like a soldier is suited to talk about fighting in a battlefield. She wrote this book because she just had “to say a few things about a timeless subject.”

Papas accomplishes her goals by referring to Greek and international proverbs and sayings to support her opinions on marriage. She offers tips and advice for readers who, after reading her book, “have decided to proceed with marriage,” such as visiting a marriage counselor first or finding “someone on your level.” She also encourages reader to voice their point of view and experiences so that others will benefit too.

Overall, Papas shares her experiences and opinions on a hot subject that makes you laugh and identify with your own married life.

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