The screen persona of Humphrey Bogart: A review of The Essential Humphrey Bogart

The Essential Humphrey Bogart by Constantine Santas

Several books and articles have been written about the classic films of Humphrey Bogart, a legendary Hollywood star. In The Essential Humphrey Bogart, Constantine Santas addresses many other works of Bogart besides the classic ones. Santas discusses older and forgotten films of Bogart from 1936-1956.

Bogart produced 81 films in total. He was a hardworking and charismatic actor who played versatile characters such as those of gangster, patriot, hero, and tough guy. He was a true professional who, despite setbacks, worked hard to perfect his acting and stay on top of his career.

The book analyzes 38 of Bogart’s films, starting with “The Petrified Forest,” Bogart’s first break in Hollywood, where he portrayed a tough guy, a criminal and laconic character. The book concludes with Bogart’s last film “The Harder They Fall,” which was one of his best performances. This film shows Bogart’s true mastery of his acting skills. A complete filmography is included at the end of the book.

Overall, Santas’ book is a compelling work of Bogart’s screen persona as an actor who could handle every role with dignity and professionalism. The book will appeal to students of film, film lovers, and Bogart’s fans. After reading The Essential Humphrey Bogart, readers will be able to watch Bogart’s movies from a different perspective.

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