Program on Greek Culture

Annual Greek program at Echols library

Greek program '11 - 2

For several years, I organized and presented a program on Greece to the third graders of Echols County Elementary School, as per request of their teachers. The program took place at Echols Public Library, and it was usually composed of two classes of 70 kids. Jackie Culpepper, the library manager, helped me set up a table with personal Greek items that I showed to the pupils (map and flag of Greece, presentation board with various pictures from ancient Greece, drachma coins, Greek stamp collection, Greek books, Greek coffee pot, worry beads, embroidered tablecloths, a handmade paper Greek temple that took me hours and hours to cut and glue, and other nick knacks.)

The program included:

  • A short talk about ancient and modern Greece
  • A question and answer section
  • A prize drawing
  • A quiz
  • Handouts of the Greek alphabet and homework
  • Reading of a Greek story in English
  • Short reading in Greek
  • Saying goodbye with Greek candy
  • One or two documentary DVDs on Greece for later viewing in the classroom

The prizes were Greek goodies such as magnets, aromatic soaps, candy, worry beads, and other small items. The first year, I supplied the prizes from personal funds. From the second year onward, Friends of the Library of South Georgia Regional Library System supported the program.

Studying another culture teaches children to better understand themselves and their own culture; it teaches them to be tolerant, less prejudice, and more understanding of different people. They become more confident and culturally compatible to travel to foreign countries and interact with foreign people. Studying Greek culture and history is especially important because Greece is the origin of Western culture. Ancient Greece has influenced many cultures in concepts like architecture, democracy, science, medicine, and language. Many words in the English language, particularly medical and scientific, come from Greek and Latin roots. Greek words are present even in the GRE test!

Ευχαριστώ, Χαρίκλεια = Thank you, Harikleia

Praise for the Greek program:

 “Your accent is cool!” — Amber

“I never ate something as good as that candy!” — Madison

“You are very kind, nice, generous, and sweet.” — Karmen

“You are the awesomest library teacher.” — David

“I wish I could see you again.” — Jackie

“The students have talked non-stop about how wonderful you are. We cannot wait until    next year!” — Mrs. Horne


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